About Gul Warun

Gul Warun basically means someone who sprinkles flowers. This basically came from the idea that we (Team Gul Warun) wanted our dresses to be like flowers (or well at least initially). While its very hard to explain the whole process from the ideas and sketches to the final deliveries to the shelves of the stores, here is the brief of who we are and what we do.

The Core Team:

Our core team is very small and consist of a business mentor, a creative director, a gold medallist fashion designer (yes our designer team lead is a gold medallist in fashion design) and our CEO. The team core team is basically responsible for all the major decisions and usually responsible for all the end products. They are all experts of their fields and together they form the cores of the brand Gul Warun.


The Contractors:

We would also like to mention here the contractors who take part in various parts of the production from embroideries to clothing dyes, from jewellery work to creating tracing papers of our designs, they are all part of our success and without them we will not be who we are today.


Third Parties:

There is another part of our team. The third parties like the photographers, the models and the make up artists, they also work really hard to display the final products specially for our online customers.

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